60s Little Dictionary of Fashion Terms and Silhouette Shape Up By Simplicity Patterns, Fashion Information, Diagrams, PDF Digital Download

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Simplicity's Little Dictionary of Fashion Terms (4 pages, colour and black/white, text and diagrams, digital download)

Yesterday's favourite look may be tomorrow's high fashion: today's fashion may soon be history. This guide to ever changing language of fashion illustrates some of the popular and classic fashion silhouettes in necklines, collars, sleeves, skirts, dresses, shorts and pants.


Simplicity's Silhouette Shape Up: A guide of what to wear for which figure type (4 pages, colour, text and diagrams, digital download)

Silhouette and line are two ingredients that go into the selection of a fashion that is right for you. The shape of a garment is its silhouette. It's the first thing you notice....a dirndl skirt, a slim, close fitting shape, or a flared or A-line silhouette. Lines, which your eyes tend to follow....up, down, around and across....are found within silhouettes. Learn to identify the lines in dress, horizontal, vertical, diagonal and curved. Learn to evaluate the feeling that lines in dress express height, width, action and softness. Discover how lines in dress are created....structural (seams, darts or tucks)......decorative (trimmings, design details, belts or contrasting colours). What are your figure features? Begin to work with line and shape by determining your figure features.


Simplicity's Highlights of Costume History (4 pages, black/white and one colour, text and diagrams, digital download)

This brief resume covers only some of the more outstanding influences that have distinguished costume (clothing) through the ages and affect that of the present day.


These vintage Simplicity booklets have been carefully preserved in digital PDF format. You can download one or all three. Perfect for increasing your own knowledge about fashion terminology, how to flatter your figure using fashion and a brief history of fashion.