40s Pattern Alteration Book, Comprehensive Techniques with Photos and Diagrams by Margaret Smith, 40 pages, Digital Download

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To make attractive, durable well-fitting clothes is the aim of everybody who sews. Poorly fitting garments are a waste of time and materials - they are uncomfortable and often do not withstand hard wear. The first step toward making a well-fitting dress is a pattern that fits properly. If you are careful to choose a style and the size best suited to your figure, you may not have to make any alterations in your pattern. But most women have some figure irregularity which requires that some change be made, either in the pattern or the dress for a perfect fit.

This comprehensive guide to pattern alteration was produced by the US Department of Agriculture in 1945. It offers many practical methods to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Please see picture 2 for a content listing for this book and pictures 3, 4 and 5 for samples of what is covered in the book.

This book has been carefully preserved in PDF format and is available for individual sale or as a free gift to all purchasers of our reproduction patterns.